Not A Newbie, but Maybe Worth a Mention

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I blogged about attributive adjectives phrases involving 'too' a few years
ago ( and
found some examples involving mass nouns and plural nouns like yours. I was
looking for examples with the intrusive 'of', and found things like "too big
of paper". For some reason, I didn't finish the job and look for examples
fitting the frame 'too * a [mass noun or plural noun]', but I think I will


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> This is one of those constructions I've heard for many a year,
> and sort of cringed at because it _so_ feels incorrect, somehow:
> From an LA Times story this morning on the high school grade
> achievements of Asians vs Latinos:
> "I had an Asian friend, but he didn't necessarily get _that great a
> grades_."
> I instinctively know what it means, but I'm not so sure how this and
> other speakers 'justify' it.
> Any thoughts?
> dh
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