Yale Daily News digitization

Benjamin Zimmer bgzimmer at BABEL.LING.UPENN.EDU
Wed Jul 16 20:44:57 UTC 2008

The digitization of the Yale Daily News is underway, and a good deal
of it is already available online:

The Yale Daily News Historical Archive
Material to be digitized: 123 years of the Yale Daily News from 1878
through 2000. In phase one of the project, 21 selected years of
publication have been digitized, totaling nearly 25,000 pages: January
1878 – June 1879 (the first year of publication), September 1913 –
June 1919 (World War I), September 1940 – June 1948 (World War II,
funded by the Yale Class of 1945W), January 1967 – May 1970 (the
radical '60s), and September 1978 – May 1981 (the early years of the
Giamatti administration). The text of digitized material is fully
indexed and keyword searchable.

The Phase One material has some good stuff in it (and the search
functionality seems decent). They say they've digitized about 25,000
pages out of a total of 135,000 pages, but they're missing some key
periods (like the "hot dog" years).

--Ben Zimmer

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