As A Metaphor, It's Maybe a 3-and-a-Half

Doug Harris cats22 at FRONTIERNET.NET
Wed Jul 23 12:08:08 UTC 2008

"Begs a question"     =    51,300 Google hits.
"Begs the question"   = 2,580,000 Google hits.
"Raises a question"   =   561,000 Google hits.
"Raises the question" = 3,820,000 Google hits.

Some would, some wouldn't.


>"Nevertheless, the arguments for detailed and publicly acknowledged
>pre-convention transition planning are overwhelming. This is a situation in
>which the plane cannot be built while flying it."
Well, it could be assumed that the intended allusion was "This is a
situation recalling/reminding us that a plane cannot be built while
flying it."  No allusions to planes that can be built while aloft.
Sloppy, perhaps--but some would say the same for the use of "This
begs a question" (for "This raises a question") above!


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