"(The) hate stare"

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<sigh!>  I'm afraid that I've slipped past the age at which one is hip
to the jive, Grant. I know the game, but not the name, so to speak.
These uses are new to me. Sorry. But you have started me to trying to
recall whether we had a word for this in my lost youth.


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> On Jul 26, 2008, at 16:54, Wilson Gray wrote:
>> "She ... glared at me with such loathing [that] I knew [that] I was
>> receiving what the Negroes call _"the hate stare."_
> Wilson, do you know the expressions "mean-mugging" or "mad-mugging"?
> They are the same, I believe, and most likely to be used by young
> black men, from what I've seen. I've got a bit of information:
> Mean-mugging:
> http://dtww.org/index.php/dictionary/mean_mugging/
> Mad-mugging:
> http://dtww.org/index.php/citations/mad_mugging_1/
> Just plain mugging:
> http://dtww.org/index.php/citations/mugging_1/
> Also are apparently from the same place as the mugging=making faces
> for an audience, which is mug=face.
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