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Thanks for that, John! I actually came across that on Google News
Archive but misread the date. Here's the Web version:


--Ben Zimmer

On Tue, Jul 29, 2008 at 5:26 PM, Baker, John <JMB at stradley.com> wrote:
>        A little earlier for "daycation" is this example from an
> unexpected source, Diabetes in the News (via Westlaw), copyright 1990 by
> the Ames Center for Diabetes Education.  The article is by Maury
> Rosenbaum, who also published (and, for all I know, still publishes) a
> quarterly newsletter, "The Diabetic Traveler."  All typos are original,
> though I don't know if they're original to Diabetes in the News or
> Westlaw.
>        <<Daycations Can Provide Fast Relief From Everyday Stresses
> Take a daycation to reduce your stress and add to your enjoyment of
> life.
> Daycation is one of the newest travel concepts.
> Quite simply, daycation is an extension of the recent trend of taking
> mroe frequent, but shorter vacations.
> It started with weekend getaways, used by Americans who wanted to "get
> away from it all." It even now includes "overnights" that last no more
> than 24 hours.
> . . . .
> Because of your schedule, your travel budget, or even your desire to
> gain vacation benefits on a frequent, albeit, short basis, daycations
> might be your best bet.
> . . . .
> AS a person with diabetes, you neeed to make special plans when you take
> a daycation--just as you do when you take a weeklong trip.>>

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