New York "elementary"

Aaron Dinkin dinkin at SAS.UPENN.EDU
Wed Jul 30 02:48:48 UTC 2008

In my interviews with speakers from upstate New York in the past couple of
years or so, I've found that the majority of them (of the people I've
interviewed, I mean) have a nonstandard pronunciation of "elementary" and
words like it ("documentary", "complimentary", etc.) - with a secondary
stress on the "-ary", rhyming with "terry", thus:

E l@ 'mEn ,ter i

This is all over upstate NY, from Plattsburgh down to Poughkeepsie and
west to Lake Erie.

Where else is this pronunciation found, if anywhere? Is there any previous
discussion of this that anyone here is aware of?

-Aaron J. Dinkin
Dr. Whom

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