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>FWIW, HDAS has syn. U.S. "dodger" from 1888, but not much since.

Are any of these related to William Byrd's verb "roger"?  After all,
he did receive his, um, education in England.


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>On Fri, Feb 29, 2008 at 10:11:09AM -0500, Wilson Gray wrote:
> > The quote is the set-up to the punchline of a joke. The word's meaning
> > is clear. The question is whether anyone has ever come across the term
> > elsewhere. The situation entails a wronged husband giving directions
> > to a hit-man:
> >
> > "I want you to shoot my cheating wife in the head. The guy, I want him
> > alive, but
> > can you shoot his _todger_ off?"
>This is extremely common in British English. OED has an entry with a
>first cite of 1986.
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