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Gee, G, that very complimentary! But, to be frank, the idea of writing
a book, even of compilations, scares me, literally. I was never able
to complete my thesis, remember? And there, I was basically the only
person who could be discomfitted by my failure. If I had other people
dependent on my coming through with a finished product or on my
meeting some deadline, I'd probably really choke.

But, I won't say no, at least not yet. Needless to say, I'm really
quite flattered, even honored, by the suggestion. Thank you!


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>  Hmmm. That's an idea.  Wilson, would you be interested in compiling your material?  Sounds like a book of interest to both scholars/lexicographers and laymen.
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>  >   You could write a book, based on the language used in THOSE programs.
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