freten by sowe

Dennis Preston preston at MSU.EDU
Mon Mar 3 17:05:58 UTC 2008

Nope. Dragons, worms, beasts or all sorts do the fretting (often but
not always of humans). Didn't see no humans doing no fretting.


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>At 3/2/2008 10:24 PM, Mark Mandel wrote:
>>OED, "fret", v.1:
>>1.    a. trans. Chiefly of animals: To eat, devour. Also with up and
>>to eat of. Obs.
>>         b. transf. To devour, consume, destroy. Obs.
>This does not rule out fretting by humans.  And I don't read ME.  Can
>someone tell me whether some of the quotations (see links below) are
>about humans fretting?  (I surmise that some of them are about humans
>being fretten!)
>At 3/2/2008 11:41 PM, Douglas G. Wilson wrote:
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>>There are a number of example quotations in the on-line Middle English
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