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How about "samnesia," the supposed ability of a black man to forget
that he's black, when in the company of white men? Of course, I've
never come across the word, but I have, amazingly, come across the
concept. In an otherwise-forgotten novel written by some random white
dude, a black sidekick, busily kicking sides with several white guys,
is reminded that he's black only when he sees the group reflected in a
store window.

Unreal. And I ain't going for it.


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>  Laurence Horn wrote:
>  > How about "hamnesia", the tendency for kosher Jews and Muslims
>  > observing halal laws to suppress their memory of eating pork?  Or
>  > "cramnesia", which inevitably affects students after they've taken the
>  > exam for which they've intensively prepared.
>  The first one that sprang to my mind was "polymnesia", the tendency to
>  forget lots of things. ("Pelopomnesia", forgetfulness of classical history?
>  "Indomnesia", forgetfulness of the history of the American West? The
>  South Pacific suggests lots of possibilities....)
>  Jim Parish
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