"all but" = all of; a mere"

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Why should we be exercised about a usage of "all but" (which should,
apparently, have been "all of") by someone who follows it with "three days
to red the book" (yes, original says "red", not "read"). So, guy writes "red
the book," we think it's a typo; guy writes "all but," it is a linguistic
event. Balderdash. Let us be a little more circumspect and a little less
alarmist about what constitutes potential linguistic evolution vs. what
constitutes a blunder.

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Have seen this before in undergrad writing; don't know just when:

  2006 Amazon.com Customer Review
[http://www.amazon.com/review/product/0613279085?showViewpoints=1]: At the
age of 30(6 years ago) i bought a copy of the book AND the cliffs notes to
help me through the difficult dialogue. i found this to be a page turner. it
took me all but three days to red the book-even with its level diffculty.


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