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Note that "to fisk" (also "fisking") is a well-established blogging term for
a point-by-point, and often savage, rebuttal or refutation of another blog
entry or a news story. It's after Robert Fisk, a British journalist, and was
coined in response to a 19 December 2001 criticism of a Fisk article by
blogger Andrew Sullivan.

It's well established enough to have made it into Safire's "On Language"
column on 19 Feb 2006.

(Normally I don't respond to Mr. Fiske's posts, but I thought I'd clarify
any confusion between the established term and Mr. Fiske's poor and petulant
publicity stunt.)

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Thank you for your submission! This entry has been added to
Merriam-Webster's Open Dictionary:

fiske (verb) : 1. to rail against dull-witted lexicographers  and
linguists. 2. to point out unconscionable stupidity. 3. to  battle
mercilessly and relentlessly; to attack. 4. to be criticized by Robert
Hartwell Fiske.
. He fiskes Merriam-Webster with his monthly "Mock Merriam" column.
. They've been fisked.

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