Unicode test

LanDi Liu strangeguitars at GMAIL.COM
Fri Mar 7 07:07:21 UTC 2008

真奇怪.  It's really annoying when it works sometimes and not others for
seemingly no reason, 对不对?

I double-checked that the UTF-8 setting for outgoing messages didn't
revert back.  It's still on that setting.

On Fri, Mar 7, 2008 at 1:55 AM, Mark Mandel <thnidu at gmail.com> wrote:
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>  Randy's first post ("Found the setting for outgoing messages (changing
>  to UTF-8) Ben
>  mentioned, and trying again:") had clear Chinese for me. His second
>  ("BB, you're awesome!") has gibberish in both the new text and the
>  quote of BB's quote of the first post.
>  m a m
That's the way it came back through the list server for me too.  : (

Randy Alexander
Jilin City, China

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