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Mon Mar 10 17:09:01 UTC 2008

At 12:10 PM -0400 3/10/08, Baker, John wrote:
>         The New York Times again is claiming that Galbraith invented
>"conventional wisdom," see
>  We
>discussed this in 2006, and it's clearly much older.  I can take it back
>to the anonymous An Inquiry into the Moral and Religious Character of
>the American Government 35 (1838) (Google Books full text):  "it will be
>seen that we appeal in such a case, neither to the records of
>legislation, nor yet to the conventional wisdom of our forefathers".
>(For the full and nearly interminable sentence,

That was when semicolons grew on trees, before the current shortage.


>  see
>+wisdom%22.)  Can anyone do better?
>John Baker
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