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It's not laziness.  Or g-dropping,  because, unless you're from parts
of Longg Island or the West Midlands of  England, there is no /g/.
Just a different dialect  system.

Paul Johnston
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I am neither from Long(g) Island or the 'West Midlands of England'
(ancestrally, perhaps), but there is no such word as "coughin" in my own lexicon  or
that of anyone else (unless very obscure and possibly OBE-derived).
What IS the difficulty here? Without the appended 'g', it isn't a word!
We're still talking about the act of producing a cough, right?  Cough-ing?
BTW, what happened to the /g/ in the West Midlands?
Thank goodness I have time to be specious today;)
OH - in re: 'casket' - I use the words  (casket/coffin) interchangeably, now
I see it's a bit like med.  professionals who use euphemism 'discomfort'
rather than  'PAIN'!

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