Heard on The Judges; more "jump on"

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This is new to me. So when Judge Mathis asked if he had "jumped on" her, he
was asking if he had assaulted her but not assaulted her in a way that would
threaten her life? Basically, whether or not he had "thrown a beating" on


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> Forty-ish Northern white male plaintiff speaking:
> "[My brother] got into a fight with his wife and she had him arrested,
> your honor."
> Judge Mathis:
> "Did he _jump on_ her?"
> Speaker:
> "No, your honor. He tried to hit her with a tire iron."
> Judge Mathis:
> "You right he didn't _jump on_ her! He tried to *murder* her!"
> My intuition is that the white speaker interpreted _jump on_ as
> referring to a literal "jump" on the wife. That wasn't what happened
> in the literal sense, the brother having used a tire iron, so he
> answered no in a situation in which a black or Southern speaker also
> most likely would have answered no. But the black/Southern speaker
> would have said no not because the brother didn't *literally* _jump
> on_ his wife, but because trying to hit her with a tire iron goes way
> beyond a mere _jump on_, as the judge notes.
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