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Arnold M. Zwicky zwicky at CSLI.STANFORD.EDU
Fri Mar 21 14:13:28 UTC 2008

On Mar 21, 2008, at 1:07 AM, Grant Barrett wrote:

> Linguist List is currently hosting its annual fund drive. The
> organization's needs are modest and the return on your money is
> significant.
> If you have used its list archives, job postings, or other services
> over the last year, I would like to encourage you to contribute. I
> believe it's important that we recognize those good parts of the
> Internet and it is our personal duty to keep them alive.
> If you work for an institution, please consider making a contribution
> of a size proportional to your organization's use of or appreciation
> for Linguist List.
> I have no affiliation with Linguist List, but I am a long-time user
> and the archives of ADS-L have been hosted by Linguist List at no
> charge for nine years. (ADS has donated to LL in the past.)

i second grant's appeal enthusiastically. note especially Linguist
List's service to ADS-L, in hosting our archives.

unlike grant, i *do* have an affiliation with Linguist List; i am on
the advisory board.  and this year, i'm one of the featured Linguists
of the Day (this year called Ringmasters -- there's a circus theme),
along with William Labov, Peter Trudgill, Barbara Partee, Steven
Pinker, Katarzyna Dziubalska-Kolaczyk, and Lenore Grenoble.  we each
wrote up the story of how we got into linguistics, and these are being
posted at intervals during the fund drive.

(in case you're unfamiliar with the last two linguists, here are their
websites:  )

when you contribute to the fund, you can have your contribution
credited to an academic institution, in the Grad School Challenge.
the winning institution gets some academic booty.  (Stanford won in
2006 and 2007, but we have some catch-up to do this year.)

oh yes, in recognition of my services to the list, one of the servers
at EMU has been named Arnold, after me.  i was enormously touched.


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