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> Ah, there's really no need to be so specific about DOB. Sen. Specter
> of PA was on the Daily Show, the other night and, for some reason, Jon
> asked him his age. Specter's reply was approximately as follows:

> "The other day, while I was looking at my birth certificate, I decided
> that something so trivial that had happened so long ago was no longer
> worthy of mention."

> He shoots! He scores!

> Yes, I admit that, when I was but a mere stripling of your age, I
> enjoyed letting people know that I was an adult. I had such a baby
> face that I was still being carded at the age of 36. As has often been
> said, "Those were the good old days!" And, as has been said just as
> often, "Those days are gone forever."

No, just included year of birth 'cause the area i grew up in has been
going through some pretty severe and rapid linguistic changes over the
last century--so the *when* is pretty much as important as the where for
that community.

Specter's line is pretty good, though.

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