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In the writings of Robert A. Heinlein, you can find reference to a bawdy
poem/ballad called "Rangy Lil".  Heinlein scholar Robert James has been
researching this poem and other similarly-mentioned ballads in
Heinlein's works, to see if they are "real" or sprang from Heinlein's
own imagination (apparently there were some of each).

Given the indications that "full/whole nine yards" may have origins in a
bawdy Andrew Mactavish joke, James' post to the
newsgroup (under the subject "Rangy Lil") may be of interest:

********Quote starts*******************************
I think I've found a piece of the genuine "Rangy Lil" poem.  If
somebody has more of it, I'd like to know:

This is from a book called "The Cure of Folly" -- by Gordon Warme...

"The poem was about a copulating contest between two legendary
specialists in the art from the far northern reaches of Canada, Rangy
Lil and Pete.  Here are a few fragments from mid-contest:

Lil tried shunts, and double shunts, / And tricks unknown to common
cunts, / But Pete kept reeling out more hose, / 'Til through the
portals of Lil's ass, / Nine feet of slimy penis passed. / They hung
Lil's pants on the shithouse door, / In honour of that gallant whore."
********Quote ends*******************************

One observation from reading the thread.  Poems like this have many
versions.  No doubt this one was told or sung with "nine yards" instead
of "nine feet".
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