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Yes, precisely--Larry's memory is the same. as mine.

So: why would this cause anyone to think of a blowjob? Dennis seems to be arguing that, because the oral sex reading made no sense, it must have been the "right" reading! But NONE of the established readings made much sense--except that they are all generally pejorative. So, for me, 'pejorative' was the only reading I could feel sure about.

It has been pointed out on ADS-L that records exist of Viet Nam war graffiti saying things like, "The army sucks cock." This indicates that SOME people of that era made the association. This does not, however, prove that the fellation connotations were THE source (which came first, the pejorative egg or the cock-sucking chicken?), and certainly not that all teenagers in the 1950s "knew" that "X sucks" "meant" "X sucks cock" (or "shit") even before the expression was in use.
Larry Horn asks:

Wasn't the full quote

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