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Sat Mar 29 00:49:47 UTC 2008

I came across the following usage of "misnomer" today in the current issue
of In-Fisherman, p. 70:

Up in Lake Wobegon country, pike that reach 20 pounds or more are commonly
called gators.  Today, most anglers accept the misnomer that consistent
fishing for gators is confined to waters beyond the road, somewhere deep in
the Canadian wilderness.  That's a myth.

I hadn't run into "misnomer" as "myth" before, but apparently it's common
enough that Fact-Archive has the following (

3.  Something that is not true; a

*It is a misnomer that elephants are afraid of mice.*
Usage note

The extended sense of *misnomer* meaning *myth* is generally considered

So how widespread is this usage?  AHD4 Online doesn't have a usage note on


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