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But a poststructutalist would reply that in the brutal, never-ending struggle for mind-control that goes on within each and every putatively "polysemous" word, the sexy meaning always gains dominance in the minds of men....I mean "persons."

  So "Lesbonians" they must be.


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At 5/1/2008 09:14 AM, Joanne M. Despres wrote:
>Here is one suggestion: hire a linguist for a very steep fee and
>have him or her read the definition of "polysemy" in court.

OED2's definition is quite short and recitable: "The fact of having
several meanings; the possession of multiple meanings." But of
course if he or she were a poststructuralist, he or she would gag on
the second word.

Perhaps the people of the island should begin to call themselves
"Lesbonians", or "Lesbonese"?


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