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Fri May 2 17:02:19 UTC 2008

At 5/2/2008 12:37 PM, Alexander Gourlay wrote [off-lists]:
>Nowadays it's a small wooden cabinet for aging and storing
>cheese.  Aka cheese cabinet. Probably not much changed from
>1680.  Although the attached one is called a cheese box in the
>filename, the website that sells it calls it a Cheese Store.
>Sandy Gourlay

Magnificent!  If I could only find someone else who used the term
"cheese store" around the same time, I would be delirious -- the only
hit in Google Books between 1600 and 1750 is the bit from
Sewall.  Expanding my search to 1900, I see something from 1839 (no
preview available) that might be the same:  "and other "sweets;" one
of a cheese store ; two of cigar stores ; one of a soda-water bottle;
one of combs, and one of scrubbing-brushes", from "The Art-journal By
Harry Houdini Collection (Library of Congress)".  (Of course, since
this is a journal, the Google date can't be trusted, and finding the
quotation might be a chore.)

I'll take a risk, though, on Sandy's object.


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