OED appeal for "scrunchie"

Sam Clements SClements at NEO.RR.COM
Sun May 4 00:02:03 UTC 2008

OED has, in their 2005 draft, "scrunchies" from the Boston Globe in 1989.
M-W has 1988.  And the OED appeals asks for earlier.

The elastic hairband, ponytail holder, was trademarked in 1986 as "Sc√únci"
by Stearn Enterprises, (first use in commerce, 1986).   It appears for sale
in an ad in the 1 June 1987 _New Mexican_ (Santa Fe, NM) "advertising
supplement."   They advertise it as "New!  Scunci(TM) scrunchy hair

Easy to see how a Scunci-->Scrunchy-->Scrunchie.

Sam Clements

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