Heard on L&O: SVU--"baby daddy"

Michael Covarrubias mcovarru at PURDUE.EDU
Wed May 7 05:11:20 UTC 2008

Just a couple days ago in a Washington Post article by William Booth
about private investigator Anthony Pellicano (on trial for wiretapping).

"Prosecutors say Pellicano used illegal wiretaps to gather inside dope
for his clients and their lawyers, who include some brand names in
Hollywood, such as Chris Rock (who says he was being shaken down by a
Hungarian model who falsely claimed Rock was her baby daddy),"

The story (from the arts and living section) is less formal in style --
one paragraph starting with "As you may recall..." and the piece ending
as follows.

"Finally, despite earlier claims/hopes/fears in the media that the
Pellicano case could drag down the titans of Hollywood and reveal the
sordid underbelly of Tinseltown, it hasn't exactly turned out that way.
No big fish were caught in these nets."

Barbara Need wrote:
> Just heard on Law & Order: SVU
> Said by a young white male to his father about the child his dead
> fiancee was carrying:
> "You're Jenna's baby daddy?"
> Barbara
> Barbara Need
> Chicago
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