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I agree, and these are tough calls for dctionary writers - to portray a word either as "citation" pronunciation or "real" pronunciation by most speakers.  In my version of VOA's beginner's dictionary I give both, with "can" as ~kan and ~ken.  Also "and" which is a very popular word, is also given as ~en, also "for" as ~fer.  There are many of these.  Dictiionaries should give these popular versions as well as "citation" versions.

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> At 6:13 PM -0400 5/6/08, Wilson Gray wrote:
>>Very probably merely one of a great many with that feature, especially
>>in the South and in the Southwest.
> And in most of the U.S., including the Northeast, when it is (as is
> usually the case) unstressed, as in "We can do it" as opposed to
> "Yes, we can". Are you (W.W.) referring to contexts like the latter,
> which would then come out "Yes, we kin"?
> LH
>>On Tue, May 6, 2008 at 5:23 PM, William Warren  wrote:
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>>> Subject: "kin" for can
>>> Perhaps my question should be directed to your newbies list since I am not
>>> a professional or student linguist:
>>> many people in Michigan ,my late father from SW Michigan and a late
>>> uncle- first husband of my maternal aunt in rural Perry ,and a
>>>naval recruiter
>>> in Lansing pronounce "can" -the verb- as "kin". Could anyone tell me any-
>>> thing about what dialect this would be ?
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