"rhyming off"?

David Donnell daviddonnell at NYC.RR.COM
Fri May 9 21:40:37 UTC 2008

I'm not familiar with this sense of the word "rhyming"... (I
understand it, but can't think of a synonym.)

>"We got a King Tiger (tank) here with usually a coaxial machine gun
>about a MT-42 in the driver area... we got a person here with an
>M-1928 Thompson which carried a 50-round magazine or a 100-round
>magazine of .45-calibre ammunition," he enthused, rhyming off about
>eight other types of weapons in the display.

4000 or so Google hits for "rhyming off"--I reckon that ain't a lot,
esp. when many apparently have to do with actual rhyming... e.g.,
'rhyming off the top of one's head'.

But these were among the results: "rhyming off a litany. [sic] of
complaints"  and "rhyming off a list of Hollywood celebrities."

Missourian @ NYC

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