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Tue May 13 20:33:17 UTC 2008

Well, now I'm really puzzled.  I didn't have any (recent enough)
messages from Nancy via ADS-L previously to tell, but now:  I have no
idea why you can send, but not reply.

List experts:  Is there any difference between sending and
replying?  Is there a user option related to this?


At 5/13/2008 04:07 PM, Nancy Friedman wrote:
>At last--a subject on which I am actually an authority! (As opposed to
>modals and recursion and all that.)
>I've written copy for a shoe catalog for more than 15 years. Shoes with open
>toes are usually called "open-toe shoes." (Sorry, Mr. Gray.) Footwear
>manufacturer Cole Haan abbreviates the descriptor to "OT."
>"Peep-toe" or "peeptoe" is acceptable. See this post on ShoeBlog:
>"...everyone is also in love with the peeptoe Dior Extreme gladiator
>If you don't know what gladiator platforms are--well, there are photos.
>"Peek-toe": NEVER. "Peekaboo" is used occasionally, but not in reference to
>toes: rather, it describes openings in the sides or vamp of a shoe.
>As for toe cleavage, that's a whole 'nuther thing: the spaces between the
>tops of the toes, not their tips. Toe cleavage is acceptable, nay desirable,
>in closed-toe pumps. Just ask the many devotees of Manolo Blahnik.
>Now ask me about skirtinis.
>(Forgive me for starting a new thread. I tried repeatedly to reply to the
>original thread, but was consistently thwarted on the ADS site.)
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