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I don't see the problem, unless you are saying that "daub" must be restricted to the removal of a stain.

For me, "to daub" is 'to apply some amount of a liquid or gelatinous substance to a small spot'. Whether (or not) this is makeup, iodine to a wound, or cleaning fluid to a stain does not make any difference.

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To me, patting a stain with a towel to remove it is daubing. This
definition is not included in AHD4 or Wiktionary.

  I excused myself to the bathroom where I placed a wad of paper towel
under the stain and daubed the top of it with a towel that I had
moistened with cool water. (http://www.mrscleannw.com/tips/remove-coffee-stain.html
, Mrs. Clean House Cleaning Services and Maid Service)

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