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Thanks very much, Jesse!  I'm sure Amy Hague of the Sophia
Smith Collection and Ellen Carol Dubois, a historian from UCLA
who posted the query, would be warm in their gratitude as well.


On 16 May 2008, at 12:06, Jesse Sheidlower wrote:

> Joanne Despres wrote:
> > Would any of you out there know of an earlier occurrence of "second
> > wave"
> > in connection with feminism earlier than the cite quoted below, which I
> > found in Nexis?  I've checked and the Time magazine
> > archive and found nothing earlier there.  M-W doesn't enter the phrase;
> > I'm asking on behalf of an archivist friend at the Sophia Smith
> > Collection who is fielding a query from a feminist researcher.
> >
> > The broadly based suffragette movement gained political rights for
> > women. If feminism in its second wave is to achieve social choices on an
> > equal footing with men, then it must be an inclusive movement, with room
> > for all thoughtful political views. New York Times, Letters to the
> > Editor, DANA RUTH GOODGAL Princeton, N.J., July 7, 1983
> The _locus classicus_ of this is:
> 1968 Martha Weinman Lear, in _N.Y. Times Magazine_ 10
> Mar. (article title) The second feminist wave.
> It was soon taken up by other major feminist writers, including
> 1970 Shulamith Firestone _Dialectic of Sex_ 15 In the radical
> feminist view, the new feminism is not just the revival of a
> serious political movement for social equality. It is the
> second wave of the most important revolution in history.
> 1971 G. Greer _Female Eunuch_ 11 This book is a part of the
> second feminist wave.
> HTH.
> Jesse Sheidlower
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