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on 5/16/08 4:22 PM, Wilson Gray at hwgray at GMAIL.COM wrote:

> A late-thirty-ish, white, male speaker from North Carolina who spoke
> with an almost-stereotypical, rale slow, Deep-Southern drawl, with
> [daUg] for "dog," [hi at l] for "hill," etc., except that it was fully
> r-ful. (By "Deep-Southern," I mean basically that part of the old
> "Black Belt" South from South Carolina through East Texas.) The
> speaker also used "woif (wife)  "roight" (right) "boik" (bike), etc.,
> a feature so striking that it even drew my wife's attention, and
> pronounced "I, my, lie," etc. so that they really did sound like "ah,
> mah, lah."
> It was only the second time that I had heard that type of
> pronunciation used in real life. The only other person that I've ever
> met who used "ah," etc., was from Georgia.
> -Wilson
Would you consider Roy M. Blount Jr. as "real life?"  He lays claim to  "ah,
mah, lah."   I think he is from Georgia, too, though I believe he's lived in
the north (Connecticut, perhaps?) for many years.

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