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Sat May 17 05:17:58 UTC 2008

I've never seen "intend" as a catenative verb with a bare infinitival before:

Angelina must believe the perfumer intends use the name Shiloh as it
is known now to make a profit. Posted by: Clare King at Apr 26, 2007
4:47:11 PM ...

If you don't currently do this today you may want to ask to take some
classes in whatever method your company intends use. BW, LIS, ABAP
Query, SQVI etc. ...

And the remaining proceeds, it intends use in developing domestic
facilities and new products and to repay term loans. Take Solutions
currently offers 16 ...

Where the club intends use the premises for entertainment at
different. times to those listed on the left, please list (Please read
guidance note 5) ...

Books and Literature question: Write a 3-5 sentence paragraph
describing how you intend use your mentor to improve your academic
experienceat texas ?

4 Jun 2007 ... finally whenever I build up a big alliance its not
going to send me 50 random divs I never intend use that fill up the
screen with popups ...

It's not overwhelmingly common, but there are plenty of examples.

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