When is a knish not a knish [more]

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>Both are ambiguous. In both cases, "knish" can mean nothing more
>than 'sweet thing'.

Indeed, that seems to be the primary if not only sense in the Sanders
line, but a bit of googling on "her knish" (and patience to scroll
past the literal references) brings back a number that are quite
clearly unambiguous, with neither the 'potato/meat pastry' nor the
'sweetie' senses, e.g.:

--"Dolores Pomilio dresses with her skirt up to her knish"

--Gertler wanted to own her, possess her-he'd managed to conquer her
knish only once-and that once had increased his desire and hunger for

--her head stuck between her legs looking in her "knish"

[this last is from http://www.awordinyoureye.com/jokesnaughtier7thset.html,
a useful site if you need a database of dirty Jewish jokes from England]


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>For use as female as sex object, see:
>'Guests began leaving an hour before midnight. I looked about for Binky
>Watrous and his Celtic knish but they had already departed.'
>--Lawrence Sanders, 'McNally's Puzzle', G. Putnam's Sons, NY, 1996, 56
>Howard Jacobson [an immensely amusing/entertaining novelist] has a character
>in 'No More Mr Nice Guy' [Vintage, London, 1999, 98] say:
>"Kuk the knish -- go on, get an eyeful of the cunt."
>--Neil Crawford
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