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>I looked at the Sept. 24, 1941 Oakland Tribune article on Newspaperarchive
>and it appears to be correctly dated.
> Fred Shapiro

Not only is it correctly dated, but the term appeared five days earlier in
the same newspaper.  For whatever reason, the search engine at N'archive is
wonky on trying to bring up "gung ho" as a search term for this paper.

The 19 Sept. 1941 hit was for a list of movies which were being shown by The
Oakland Telenews.  It's an ad for the shorts and movies they were showing
that evening.  Some of the shorts had been captured by the Russians from the

Under the title "Telenews Short," they listed

          "GUNG HO"
  (In Chinese, "Work Together")
     The Story of United China.
   Commentary, Regan McCrary

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