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As coincidence would have it, until this thread came up, I had no idea
that  "You've got another _thing_ coming" existed, either in speech or
in print. I was aware only of the full phrase, "If you think that, you
have another think coming."

WRT language, you never know.


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>>1919 _Syracuse (N.Y.) Herald_ 12 Aug. 8/3 If you think the life of  a
>>movie star is all sunshine and flowers you've got another  thing
>>I grew up in Syracuse, NY; and the newspaper there never got *anything*
>>Actually, right there in Syracuse and environs, I often heard, "You've got
>>another think coming."  I never once heard
> My only question is how could you tell (for the spoken version)? The
> vector for reanalysis would be that precise construction, which could
> be heard either way.  Newspaper renderings would be another story, of
> course.
> LH
>>(nor read in the newspaper),
>>"You've got another thing coming."
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