FW: Antedating of "Yada Yada"

Mon May 26 19:43:53 UTC 2008

        No, by "Jim Dandy" I meant the work of that name by William
Saroyan, previously referred to in this thread.  As far as I know,
LaVern Baker's song does not include "yada yada" or "yatata yatata."

John Baker

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You're not referring to the "Jim Dandy" by Lavern "Little Miss
Sharecropper" Baker, are you? I agree that in Sh-Boom, originally by The
Chords, a black group, ya-da-da, etc., was just noise. I've only very
recently heard "ya-da, ya-da" - within the past year - used in the wild
in the Seinfeldian sense by black speakers and nothing like it was used
in the past.


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> The difference is that in Sh-Boom these are just nonsense words, while

> = in the Allegro song and Jim Dandy "yatata yatata yatata" has the
> same = meaning as the modern "yada yada."
> John Baker
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> "Shhh-Boom," a popular Crew Cuts (?) song of the early 1950s, had the
> = lyrics, "yadada yadada yadada yadada boom shi-boom, life could be a
> = dream, sweetheart!" (Who says rap lyrics are a sign that modern
> youth = are brain dead?)

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