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> I don't see this word in the online AHD. I found a citation where its meaning is taken for granted in Michael
> Chrichton's _Next_, page 491 (paperback, Harper, 2006):
> Compared to the other choices, the name Solana Canyon conveyed a muted, understated quality in keeping
> with a resort that charged thousands of dollars a day to rejuvenate the bodies, minds, and spirits of its clients.
> This was accomplished through a combination of yoga, massage, meditation, spiritual counseling, and diet
> help, all delivered by staff who greeted guests with prayerful hands and a heartfelt "Namaste."
> The word "namaste" is not italicized, but the quotes and capitalization leave the intended status of the word
> ambiguous.  In other cases, he uses a comma and sentence capitalization (or just italics) to indicate quotations.
> Without the comma, it's unclear whether the capitalization is intended to indicate that the word is foreign.
> In any case, the above citation is all he provides for context.


Also in NOAD and OED3 (first cite 1942). Not yet in MWCD, though it's
been suggested by a few Open Dictionary contributors:

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