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Thu May 29 05:28:39 UTC 2008

Er, datapoint....

On Wed, May 28, 2008 at 8:05 PM, James Harbeck <jharbeck at sympatico.ca>

> Just spotted on Facebook, in generated text in the "Where I've been"
> application:
> James' been to 20% of the world.
> Leaving aside the geographical inaccuracy of the statement, I find it
> interesting that they've taken the 's contraction for "has" and
> applied the deletion-after-s rule to it as though it were the
> possessive -- and in a place where many would say the deletion
> wouldn't be appropriate in the possessive either, since my name is
> not a plural.
> Just another datum for the heap, anyway.
> James Harbeck.
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