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Not in OED3...

The pregap on a Red Book audio CD is the portion of the audio track
that precedes "index 01" for a given track in the table of contents
(TOC). The pregap ("index 00") is typically two seconds long and
usually, but not always, contains silence. Popular uses for having the
pregap contain audio are live CDs, track interludes, and hidden songs
in the pregap of the first track.

A few early cites:

1992 _Screen Digest_ 1 Nov. (Factiva) Additional data is stored in an
extended 'pre-gap' at start of CD-DA. Normally the pre-gap (quiet bit
at beginning of disc) is only between two and three seconds; on CD-I
Ready discs this is extended to 182 seconds.
1993 _CD-ROM Professional_ 1 May 151 (Factiva) An audio CD Player
always skips the first two second gap on the disc (called the pregap)
and begins playing the music in the first track at the second index
point (index 1).
1994 _Houston Chronicle_ 24 Mar. 3 (Factiva) Houston's Justice Records
may have discovered a gold mine if its application for a patent on
"pregap technology" is approved. The pregap is a space on a compact
disc before the music begins.

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