on kicking the bucket

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Sat Oct 4 14:44:34 UTC 2008

"Kick the bucket with SpongeTech"

I thought I was mishearing this commercial when
it first came on the radio, but then I kept
hearing it, and sure enough there's a web site
explaining how you can indeed enlist the aid of
SpongeTech if you're looking to kick the bucket:

"Kick the bucket with the ultimate one step Auto
Wash & Wax System from SpongeTech® when cleaning
your boat, airplane, ATV, Jet Skis, Motorcycle
and more."

Do they assume their prospective customers have
heard "kick the bucket" but don't know what it
actually means?  Or is it a somewhat extreme pun
to catch our attention?  Hard to say.


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