They say Bosniak, the OED ...

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I agree that the OED ought to have Bosniak. But transliteration is
ultimately a matter of taste. BTW, isn't *any* native of a Bosniak and
not a Muslim native? If not, what are the Catholics and the Orthodox
called? Croats and Serbs? That's not unreasonable, I guess.


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> At 10/4/2008 11:55 PM, Doug_Harris wrote:
>>A NYT op-ed piece by Charles M. Blow (10/3) was footnoted:
>>Correction: October 4, 2008
>>An earlier version of this column misspelled an ethnic term for Muslims in
>>Bosnia and Herzegovina, and incorrectly claimed that Senator Joseph R. Biden
>>Jr. had made a mistake in using it. The correct spelling is Bosniak, not
>>Bosniac, and Mr. Biden's usage was correct.
> Unfortunately, Bosniak is not in the OED -- but Bosniac (n.) and
> Bosnian (a. and n.) both are.
> Joel
>>Bill M wondered:
>>So what did the Perception Analyzer do when Biden referred to residents
>>of Bosnia as "Bosniacs"?
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