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I'm now forwarding a message I received from language columnist Nathan Bierma with bad news ("On Language" column: RIP, sort of) and good news (his forthcoming book).

When the book appears I'll send particulars to ads-l.   Btw, I have no financial stake in this endeavor.

Gerald Cohen


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Dear Readers,

Due to the recent redesign of the Chicago Tribune, which included the overhaul and re-naming of the Tempo section (see, "On Language" will no longer appear as a regular column in the Tribune. It might still appear as an occasional brief feature in the new features section, called "Live" (and if it does those briefs will be sent out on this list-serv. (I may also send out archived columns on this list-serv for the time being.) In the meantime, I'm exploring options for a possible new home for my column.

That's the bad news. The good news is that the first book collection of my "On Language" columns is on its way! The book, tentatively titled "The Eclectic Encyclopedia of English," is in the final stages and should be out either late this year or early next. Revisit some of your favorite columns, and catch up on ones you missed, from almost five years of "On Language."

For more information go to

Please forward this e-mail to someone you know who might be interested in this book.

Thanks for your continued support,

Nathan Bierma

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