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At 9:07 AM -0400 10/8/08, Charles Doyle wrote:
>Has anybody wondered how the Christian teetotalers who inhabit the
>right side of Main Street react to being called "Joe Sixpack"?

Maybe the ones that are teetotaling body-builders figure they're
being hailed for the latter attribute.  In fact, when visiting this
weekend, my 24 year old daughter, weaned on bottled imported ales and
microbrews, was just asking me why Palin keeps referring to "Joe
Sixpack", since she (my daughter, not Palin) only associates that
with buffed abs and not with Pabst.


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>>Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2008 20:40:36 -0400
>>From: Sam Clements <SClements at NEO.RR.COM>
>>Subject: Joe Sixpack (Sikspak)
>>Certainly topical. =20
>>An astute reader over at the Straight Dope Board alluded to Art Hoppe =
>>perhaps creating the term.
>>Hoppe can be(indirectly) found using it before May of 1973 as "Joe =
>>Sikspak."  =
>>+spectator%22&hl=3Den&ct=3Dclnk&cd=3D1&gl=3Dus  If anyone has an idea of =
>>how to search the SF Chronicle for his early columns, that'll be great.
>>Johnny Apple of the NY Times used it on 6 April 1972. =20
>>Did Hoppe invent the term?  If not, can anyone find it before 1972?
>>Sam Clements
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