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> Some more "terminology of the bailout crisis" here (with a bonus
> reference to the "American Dialectic Society"):
> http://www.huffingtonpost.com/james-randel/terminology-of-the-bailou_b_132005.html

Of these, I'd say "toxic" (debt/derivatives/assets) is the strongest
WOTY contender. But an up-and-coming bailout buzzword not  mentioned
by Randel is "TARP" (Troubled Assets Relief Program). It's already
been verbed...

"We wage slaves down here at the bottom of the pyramid scheme are
about to get TARPed up the wa-zoo."

Verbing predicted by blogger Dwight Johnston on Sep. 28:

"The plan is now officially called the Troubled Asset Relief Program,
TARP.  You will be hearing that acronym much more than you would ever
want.  It's likely to be a new noun or verb soon, i.e., Citibank got
TARPed or the TARP is leaking."

--Ben Zimmer

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