effects of the economic crisis on speech perception

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At 2:18 PM -0400 10/10/08, Baker, John wrote:
>         I'm pretty sure that, if I had heard the song, I would have
>supposed Como to be singing about "the money," no matter what the
>economic situation.
>         Mileage may vary for those who have heard the song before.
>John Baker

Then there was that famous scene in "Jerry Maguire" when Cuba Gooding
Jr., as the wide receiver represented by Tom Cruise's eponymous
agent, kept shouting into the phone about recognizing the importance
of the future--"SHOW ME DOMANI!"--and everyone misheard it as just a
pecuniary demand.


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>went to get coffee at a stanford cafe this morning, and heard the
>following song being piped in:
>    "Let's forget about the money"
>the line was repeated several times, and just as i recognized the voice
>as Perry Como's, the line
>    "For the money never comes!"
>appeared, and i realized it was "domani", not "the money".
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