Antedating of "burger"

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Sat Oct 11 13:29:30 UTC 2008

circa Oct. 6, 1783

The BURGER-KINGGE, that Meat-ennobled Mon-Arch, shall lay a very
Feate of Advert-Tizing upon our printed Pages, that shall fatten the
Eye and Spirit of the beholder, and the Wallette of this News-Pap'r.

antedates OED 2nd ed. "burger"  1939-; also new usage, not as a
terminal element (as in "beefburger") but as an initial element.

page 1, col. 1
The Onion Newspaper, Reader & Market Day Advertiser
[n.c. (that is, "no city")]


Using Microsoft Internet Explorer -- and perhaps other browsers that
I haven't tried, but not with Netscape -- you can, as with Early
American Newspapers, hover your mouse over an individual article (or
other part), click, and obtain a magnified -- and thus readable! --
image of the article.

And most usefully, you can read this issue consecutively, article by
article!  If you select an article, and then select "read more",
above the article appears a bar allowing selection of the next (or
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