more fan-hitting

Arnold M. Zwicky zwicky at CSLI.STANFORD.EDU
Sat Oct 11 17:04:05 UTC 2008

following up on "the nation's economy hit the fan": ann burlingham
notes that there are other examples to be found, e.g.

When Fannie and Freddie Hit the Fan.

Sewer fees hit the fan for some Mandarin residents.

ARM Resets to Hit the Fan in 2008

Sewer-rate hike could hit the fan. City Councilor Alan Kazanjian says
now is not the time for a city sewer-rate increase.

economic usages and sewer-related usages seem to predominate.

then there are rhyming cases ("the knit", "Mitt") and other bits of
word play ("the Shiites", from Andrew Sullivan).

interesting snowclone development from "the shit hit the fan" 'things
went bad, got out of control'.


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