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A wire service article today referred to "Jane Wine-box".

"Historic bank plan opens a new era of governance"  Kevin G. Hall,
McClatchy Newspapers, in _Huntsville [AL] Times_ 10/15/08, p. 1.  (and
in google news, Yahoo news, Newsbank, and probably dozens of other

"American taxpayers, the proverbial Joe Six-pack and Jane Wine-box of
campaign lore, had become partial owners of the nation's nine leading
banks, with more to come."

Jane Wine-box is new to me.  Jon Stewart used the term a couple of
nights ago to refer to Sarah Palin, which is probably as big a vector as
newspaper articles nowadays.

Some earlier uses:

A blog:
http://emvergeoning.com/?p=150 [18 Feb 2007 at 02:24 pm ]

"It is tantamount to claiming that Jane Wine-box can't possibly grasp a
Mondrian, so why waste her time with it? "

Some entries on a Audio Visual forum:
Alpha21:  "J6P (a very fitting term) buys what BBBs tell them to buy!"

Fergiej replies: "So is the other side of that coin JWC or JWB? (Jane
wine cooler, Jane wine box)"

ChrisW6ATV says: "I think it is JWZ... Jane White Zinfandel."

A journal article:
"Aspect Ratios and Joe Six-Packs: Home Theater Enthusiasts' Battle to
Legitimize the DVD Experience" by James Kendrick.  _The Velvet Light
Trap_, Number 56, Fall 2005, pp. 58-70  [quote from p. 67 col 2]
" Connected to a six-pack of beer rather than a more highbrow drink like
a martini, Joe Six-Pack is positioned on the lowest rungs of the social
ladder-an association reinforced by the term used to describe his female
corollary, Jane Winebox."

This article also includes the following:
"Some HTFers have even made a distinction between Joe Six-Pack and
another kind of uninformed consumer, "Joe Quart-Bottle." As the name
implies,Joe Quart-Bottle is seen as being even lower in terms of class
than Joe Six-Pack. He is rarely invoked except as an exaggerated figure
of belligerent ignorance, the kind who not only lacks intormation but
actively works against anyone trying to set him or her straight. One
member explained the distinction:  "JSP is usually just miss-informed
[sic] and can be educated. JQB, on the other band is not only
miss-informed, but when you try to educate him, won't listen, will tell
you you're wrong,'They Say ...', but can't tell you who 'They' is and
anything different is a plot against them. JQB has a 'healthy' dose of
paranoia in him. He also thinks all DVD players are a government plot to
monitor people but he did like DIVX.'"
["HTF" is Home Theater Forum, a discussion board for home theater

So I'm guessing the term originated in home theater circles, and floated
along until it started getting used in the current campaign.  Will it
become the "soccer mom" or take the place of "hockey mom"?

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> Certainly topical. =20
> An astute reader over at the Straight Dope Board alluded to
> Art Hoppe = perhaps creating the term.
> Hoppe can be(indirectly) found using it before May of 1973 as
> "Joe = Sikspak."  =
> s.com/Summary/AmericanSpectator/V6I8P20-1.htm+%22art+hoppe%22+
> +spectator%22&hl=3Den&ct=3Dclnk&cd=3D1&gl=3Dus  If anyone has
> an idea of
> +=
> how to search the SF Chronicle for his early columns, that'll
> be great.
> Johnny Apple of the NY Times used it on 6 April 1972. =20
> Did Hoppe invent the term?  If not, can anyone find it before 1972?
> Sam Clements
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