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Thank you, Bill. That's exactly what I meant, and all that I meant.

Mark Mandel

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> I think Mark only meant that it is certainly appropriate that "feghoot"
> is in _Brave New Words_, since the word has SF origins -- not that it
> shouldn't be anywhere else.
> I've only seen it used in SF contexts or in places which almost
> self-consciously refer to its SF origins (such as this list, and the
> sole cite that ProQuest Hist Newspapers offers).  You have to get all
> the way to the 49th cite from Google Books of "feghoot" before you find
> one that isn't clearly SF related (and it's a snippet view, so maybe it
> is as well).  If it has usage beyond SF, no doubt the OED and other
> dictionaries will pick it up.
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> > so it *comes from* sf,  does this determine how it can/must
> > be used now?  surely you don't want to maintain such a position.
> >
> > i have no stake in any of this, but if "feghoot" must be
> > limited to sf contexts, then how do we talk about these
> > punning/spoonerizing final lines to jokes, many of which have
> > nothing to do with sf? and some of which predate the Feghoot stories?
> >
> > yes, i understand,. they're all just shaggy dog stories.
> > there's no difference.
> >
> > arnold

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