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Janet Marting marting at UAKRON.EDU
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To me, they seem to be examples of
resyllabification/suprasegmentals/pause/juncture, features of intonation.
Minimal pairs was one difference in a phone/sound that appears in the same
position (e.g. sip-dip-lip-tip).

Jinny Marting

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My minimal instruction in minimal pairs (I took one semester of comparative
linguistics) taught me that "light-house keeper" and "light house-keeper"
were one (was one? were two?).  I now offer another (here, since I no longer
remember the name of the author of the textbook, who included in it a
solicitation of minimal pairs from his readers):

"small-business woman" and "small business-woman".

(I do actually intend to say the former in conversation today.)


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